1800 Milenio Extra Añejo Tequila

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1800® Milenio® Extra Añejo Tequila is crafted from 100% Weber blue agave, handpicked at the peak of ripeness, and carefully steamed in traditional ovens. After a long and delicate aging process, the extra-aged tequila is matured for a short period in French Oak Cognac barrels creating a balanced, soft, and unique flavor. 

A perfect expression of the land that nurtures the Weber blue agave and the hands that craft its final liquid, 1800® Milenio® is considered the best representation of 1800® Tequila’s roots. 

Color: Dark amber gold.

Aroma: Oaky with notes of vanilla.

Flavor: Notes of vanilla, red fruit and cinnamon.

Finish: Mint-chocolate.