Ararat 5 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ml

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Ararat 5 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ml

Five-year ordinary cognac ARARAT "Five Stars" - perhaps the most popular in the range. Ararat 5 Yr Armenian Brandy has a characteristic aroma of ripe and juicy plum, notes of sweet Armenian peach and a delicate, delicate flavor with a hint of black currant.
Exposure 5 years. Fortress - 40%

Bright and generous ARARAT Cognac “Five Stars” will fill your holiday feasts and friendly meetings with energy and joy of life.

According to biblical traditions, the Ararat land is the cradle of humanity, and this is where the viticulture and winemaking originate. Try Ararat Ani 6 Yr Armenian Brandy from our Brandy Collection.