Ararat Vaspurakan 15 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ml


Ararat Vaspurakan 15 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ML

Fifteen-year-old ARARAT "Vaspurakan" opens the gamut of old ARARAT cognacs. Its bouquet is distinguished by the harmonious combination of spicy, coffee-woody aroma and soft, delicate taste with a pronounced sweetness of Armenian dried fruits.
Exposure 15 years. Fortress - 40% MOMENT
Cognac ARARAT "Vaspurakan" personifies deep respect and recognition of skill. This cognac will be able to express heartfelt thanks to partners, friends or relatives. LEGEND
Noble ARARAT "Vaspurakan" - blend-dedication of students to their outstanding mentor, talented creator Markar Sedrakyan. Brandy got its name in honor of the master's homeland - the historical principality of Great Armenia, which in antiquity was considered the place of paradise on Earth.