Awayuki Strawberry Flavored Gin

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This premium Awayuki Strawberry Flavored Gin is infused using the finest pink and white strawberries grown in Japan’s Nara Prefecture.

Awayuki Strawberry Distilled from 100% grain. Only one farm is licensed to produce these delectable strawberries in each market, and they are strictly managed. Therefore, their rarity is extremely high, and only the highest quality products are distributed. The berries have a beautiful sweet flavor, particularly rich aromatics, and are a striking glossy color.

Awayuki Strawberry is a rich and flavorful classic gin infused with the world’s most precious and rare strawberries: Awayuki, White Pearl, and Kotoka Strawberries are hand-grown in Japan.

The natural flavor of these luscious strawberries is harvested with careful attention to detail at the peak of ripeness; for a richer, more vibrant flavor that balances perfectly with the earthy tones of the juniper and other botanicals.