Blue Chair Bay

Blue Chair Bay Mango Rum Cream


Make way for Blue Chair Bay Mango Rum Cream! This highly requested, fan-voted flavor is a tropical fusion of mango, coconut, peach, and lime flavors blended together with real cream to bring you an island dream in a bottle. Use it to whip up a Mango Daiquiri or sip it over ice and enjoy the variety of flavors on its own. Thanks to our fans, Mango Rum Cream will have you toasting to the tropics.

Color: Off-white, warm cream.

Aroma: A cacophony of fresh crushed fruit.

Body: Full-bodied with a luscious, creamy mouth feels.

Palate: Rich and complex with juicy nuances of mango, peaches, coconut and lime.

Finish: Topical with a warm rum finish.

Alc. Vol: 15% (30º Proof).