Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection: 9 Year Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Buffalo Trace Distillery began experimenting with recipes and barrel treatments more than two decades ago. Currently there are more than 30,000 experimental barrels of whiskey aging in its warehouses. Each of the barrels has unique characteristics and experimental changes in the mash bill, types of wood, barrel toasts and more. Periodically, an experimental whiskey is bottled and sold on a limited basis.

Total Production: 6 Barrels.

Age at Bottling: 9 Years, 5 Months.

Date Distilled: 11/21/2012

Date Barreled: 11/24/2012

Recipe: Rye Bourbon with Peated Malt.

Mash Type: Sweet

Still Proof: 130

Entry Proof: 125

Warehouse/Floor: C/1, D/2

Barrel Type: Charred White Oak

Bottle Size: 375 ml

Maker: Independent Stave Co.

Staves: 6 Month Air Dried

Bottled: April 1st, 2022

Evaporation: 65%

Filtration: Chill Filtered

Alc. Vol: 45% (90º Proof)

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