Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon Champagne Brut 2008 W/Box 1.5l

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Dom Perignon Champagne Brut 2008 W/Box 1.5l

Dom Perignon Champagne Brut 2008 celebrates the legacy from Richard Geoffroy, Dom Perignon Chef de Cave, to his successor, Vincent Chaperon. The 2008 vintage is historic for Dom Perignon. It is a tale of a vision shared by Richard Geoffroy and Vincent Chaperon, a complete dialogue between two men and nature.



The luminous sweetness of tropical fruit – green mango, melon, pineapple – instantly shines. It then cedes to more temperate notes, the tingle of orange zest, the mist of a mandarin orange. The wine breathes, revealing its freshness. The bloom after the rain. A tactile sensation of peony, jasmine and lilac.


Dom Perignon Champagne Brut 2008 immediately imposes its ample presence, full and massive. A sappy sensation dominates as the tactile is rapidly overtaken by the aromatic. The body unfolds: generous, firm and controlled. Then it contracts, letting the wine vibrate with spices and pepper. The energy is sustained to a scintillating, saline finish.