Don Pilar

Don Pilar Extra Añejo Tequila

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Don Pilar’s Extra Añejo is aged in new American White Oak barrels for 36 months. Leopoldo and Gabriel—our master distillers—add a final, masterly stroke and finish aging it for an additonal four months in French Limousin Oak casks to impart a luscious fruity finish.

An Ode To Tradition
Every bottle comes in a wooden gift box that tells the story of La Cabalgata, a Mexican tradition of horsemanship, faith and camraderie.

Shooting it would be a crime
To experience fully, we recommend you pour this Extra Añejo in a wide-bowled snifter and sip slowly and luxuriously.

Color: A bright, shimmering, golden hue.

Nose: Notes of toasty oak, fruit and butterscotch.

Palate: A round, lush palate. Layered with pineapple, chocolate and baked agave.

Finish: A decadently slow finish and warm reprise of sweet oak.