Flybird Blood Orange Margarita Wine Cocktail 750ml

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Flybird Blood Orange Margarita Wine Cocktail 750ml

Flybird Blood Orange Margarita is bursting with deep, tangy, red sweet orange flavors layered with fresh lime and agave wine for a refreshing citrus margarita experience. The easy to SIP, ready to drink margarita, without any hassle.

Premium agave wine and sweet blood orange prove that the beauty of authentic margaritas is in their simplicity, and Flybird has made enjoying the classic cocktail even simpler. Just twist off the screw cap and pour over ice for genuine made-in-Mexico tropical drink. Its exquisite flavor is just the antidote to spicy foods, hot summer weather or the midweek doldrums.

  • Flybird Blood Orange Margarita made with 100% de agave wine and blood orange
  • Available in additional flavors, sold separately
  • Made in Mexico
  • 750ml