Foursquare 12 Year Rum Mark XVII 2009


Foursquare 12 Year Rum Mark XVII 2009 is a single blended rum, produced from molasses on both artisanal pot and Coffey stills, has been aged for 12-years, entirely in Ex-Bourbon casks, and bottled at cask strength. It's got a bold character with notes of sweet dark cherries, tart cranberry, orange peel, tropical fruits and a hint of molasses trails on the finish. It's another example of rum perfection from Barbados Aged for 12 years in a combination of first, second and third fill Ex-Bourbon barrels, bottled at 60% ABV. No Color. No Sugar. No Additives. No Filtration. 

Flavor: Light, sweet and smooth. Toffee and dried fruits, notably raisins. There is a beautiful balance between sweet and dry. Some light oak, caramel and dried fruits.  (RumShopboy)

Aroma: Subtle lightly toasted oak and dried fruits

Region: Barbados

Alc. Vol: 60%