Gekkeikan Sake


Gekkeikan Sake 750ml

This Gekkeikan Sake is classified as a Tokubetsu Junmai-Shu, meaning it is 'special' as the rice is milled to 60%, which is 10% more than a traditional Junmai-Shu.Slowly fermented at low temperatures in small batches, Haiku Premium Select is crisp and refreshing. Herbaceous with hints of grapefruit and a light earthiness. Good acidity, mineral driven, well-balanced with a clean, medium finish. Gekkeikan Sake is delicious with tempura, full flavored fish and shellfish, fresh green vegetable dishes, and coconut-based Asian dishes. A flavorful base for stocks and marinades. This versatile sake can be served warmed, room temperature or chilled. Gekkeikan Sake is aged for approximately 6 months to achieve its mellow flavor.

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