Don Alberto

Don Alberto Extra Añejo Tequila

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Gran Reserva De Don Alberto Extra Añejo is rested for 2 years in French Oak barrels and then 1 additional year in medium charred white oak. This is a very popular Tequila among Whiskey drinkers because of its Aroma, Taste, and Palate.

Aroma: warm brown spices marry with notes of dried fruit and vanilla.

Taste: Oak, cherry, whiskey, with hints of fruit, cooked agave, vanilla, smoke, and caramel.

Type of Barrel: French Oak barrels, American White Oak barrels, Whisky barrels, Used barrels, Wine casks, Wood chips.

Class: Extra Añejo

Alc. Vol: 40% (80º Proof)

Purity: 100% Blue Agave