Grey Goose

Grey Goose Essences Watermelon & Basil Vodka

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Grey Goose Essences Watermelon & Basil Vodka

GREY GOOSE Essences Watermelon & Basil Vodka is a vodka infused with real fruit and botanical essences that delivers a smooth taste for your favorite mixed drinks. It captures real fruit picked at the peak of freshness. Rich, juicy rose melon notes combine with pleasing garden-picked peppery basil for a unique and exotic botanical drink. This watermelon vodka with natural flavors offers a light and refreshing finish made with all-natural ingredients and is 30% alcohol by volume. You can add this flavored vodka with natural flavors to your favorite alcohol drinks, like a  Vodka Soda cocktail. 

Palate: Bright and bold on the palate with a light, refreshing finish for a delightful watermelon drink with natural flavors.

Alc. Vol: 30% (60 Proof)