Hoosier Vodka


Hoosier Vodka is distilled from a mash of 100% corn, this vodka is smooth enough to get you locked up for a night, or three. This is one Hoosier we’ll gladly welcome to the Land of Lincoln.

The First Boone County Jail was built in Lebanon Indiana in 1833. In 1877, the jail moved to its permanent home at the corner of Washington & Meridian Street, In 1938, the Boone Co Jail was upgraded and fortified in the case of civil unrest. The Boone County Jail Served faithfully until 1992.

Now, the Boone County Jail has been resurrected into a Distillery. If the walls could speak, they would tell tales as rich as our fine spirits. We are guilty of loving our craft, and hope you are as well.

Class: Vodka.

Mashi Bill: 100% Midwest Corn.

Distillation: 4x Distilled

Taste: Semi-Sweet.

Grain: Corn.

Alc. Vol:  40% ABV (80-proof)