Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's Whiskey & Cola Cocktails 4Pk 12oz

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Jack Daniel's Whiskey & Cola Cocktails 4pk 12oz


This handy pre-mixed Jack Daniel's Whiskey and Cola Cocktails is perfect to take out and drink on the move or have at the park and enjoy a Jack and coke over a picnic. 

Enjoy the real taste of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey in a convenient, ready-to-drink format with Jack Daniel's Whiskey & Cola canned cocktail. With real Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, the subtle spice of cola and a citrus twist, this iconic cocktail feels familiar, just bolder, colder, and conveniently canned. Best served cold straight from the can or over ice, and always in good company.

  • Aroma: Slight citrus and subtle brown spice notes complimented with smooth Jack Daniel’s Whiskey.
  • Color: Rich, dark brown
  • Taste: A perfect combination of Jack Daniel's Whiskey with the citrus and brown spice notes of classic cola.
  • Finish: Clean and refreshing with lingering notes of vanilla and spice.

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