Jameson Blender's Dog Irish Whiskey 750ml

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Jameson Blender's Dog Irish Whiskey 750ml

The Whiskey Makers Series celebrates the passion and dedication that our Head Distiller, Head Cooper, and Head Blender bring to their crafts. Head Blender Billy Leighton's main pursuit is harmony, and Jameson Blender's Dog celebrates the art of marrying whiskeys. A superbly balanced, complex whiskey, Jameson Blender's Dog is a perfect balance of spirit, wood, and time, that delivers butterscotch sweetness with subtle notes of spice and tannins.

  • Nose - From light citrus to pineapple, mango and kiwi notes, with the addition of figs and dates. A touch of walnut leads into the contribution of the seasoned American barrels and Spanish butts, vanilla and toasted oak.
  • Taste - Jameson Blender's Dog Irish Whiskey is a rich, round, creamy mouthfeel, with the sweetness of butterscotch, giving way to the prickle of the pot still spices. Succulent fruit brings the perfect balance as charred oak with some subtle tannin add to the complexity.
  • Finish - Exceptionally long, as the luscious fruit is slow to fade.
86 Proof


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