Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Voyage 24 Very Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

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This expression comes from a unique series of whiskey that is finished at sea, aboard OCEARCH ships. Voyage 24 marks the first time that the ship stayed in the tropical climate, never leaving the sea in the Caribbean, making for a beautifully rich and exotic whiskey.

Founder Trey Zoeller's taste for experimentation is evident in the Jefferson's Ocean line, for a boat is not a very common place for aging spirits. The idea explores how bourbon ages on a ship, subjected to constant movement and extreme weather changes. In 2012, the first barrels began their journey around the world on OCEARCH’s flagship, a non-profit organization studying marine species. This expression is from the 24th voyage which marked the first time that the whiskey was exposed to high heat. Previous voyages crossed the equator several times, while Voyage 24 spent all of its time at sea in the Caribbean.

Voyage: 24

Flavor: Caramel, baking spices, espresso, nuts, and sea salt, rich and complex palate.

Aroma: Sweet with crème brûlée, vanilla, oak, and a touch of brine.

Finish: Smooth with lingering notes.

Alc. Vol: 45% (90º Proof)