Kojiki Japanese Whisky

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The philosophy and style of Kojiki Japanese Whisky resides in its name itself. The KOJIKI or « Records of Ancient Matters » is the oldest chronicle in Japan dating from the 8th century.

The KOJIKI is the collection of myths, legends and historical tales concerning the origin of the Japanese archipelago and the Kami ( objects of worship). KOJIKI Whisky is like a dive into ancient Japan and its oldest traditions and rituals. 

This whisky is composed of an unusual blend of 40% barley, (with a small percentage of the barley being peated), 30% wheat and 30% corn. The malted barley and grain whisky in this blend all come from the KOJIKI distillery, located in the Kansai area close to Kyoto along the shore of lake Biwa, the largest freshwater in Japan.
Twice distilled in KOJIKI traditional pot stills, then aged for three years in Bourbon barrels, this whisky isthen finished for three months in Sauternes barrels and for four months in Champagne casks.The artisanal production is 400 barrels a year.

Palate: Fresh, rich in Sweetness.

Color: Clear and light pale gold.

Nose: Soft scents of wheat bread, orange peel, white peach and cotton candy.