Lagrimas Del Valle

Lagrimas Del Valle El Chiqueño Plata Tequila

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Lagrimas del Valle is a Vintage, “Rancho Unico” (Single Ranch) Tequila — celebrating the unique and distinctive characteristics of the very best single ranches of Agave.

El Chiqueño is located South of the Rio Santiago, near Amatitan, and settled in a low ravine (Barrancas). Its climate is very hot, which has allowed for the growth of mangos and ciruela – a local varietal of plum with bright acidity. The Plata showcases bold and assertive notes of cooked agave, fresh citrus oil, and nice minerality.

Expression: Plata

NOM: 1123

Estate/Ranch: El Chiqueño

Estate/Ranch Location: Amatitan, Jalisco

Elevation: 1,260 meters

Average Agave Brix: 32%

Alc. Vol: 46% ABV (92 Proof)