Lapis Blanco Tequila

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Lapis Blanco Tequila is born and raised in Jalisco’s Atotonilco el Alto, El Arquitecto masterfully crafts Lapis Tequila from agave grown at his hometown’s 5,200′ elevation. These rugged highland growing conditions stress the agave plants, causing them to naturally produce heightened levels of agave sugars from which this aromatic and flavorful spirit is born.

Body: Full bodied and harmonically balanced.

Color: Crystalline, transparent and luminous.

Aroma: Mature yellow fruits, apricot, tropical mango, sweet cherry, malt,
spices, aromatic herbs and juniper. Complex, rich, elegant and persistent.

Taste: Sweet flavors of moderate agave, wood notes and coffee.

Alc./Vol.: 40% (80 proof)