Lapis Reposado Tequila

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Lapis Reposado Tequila is born and raised in Jalisco’s Atotonilco el Alto, El Arquitecto masterfully crafts Lapis Tequila from agave grown at his hometown’s 5,200′ elevation. These rugged highland growing conditions stress the agave plants, causing them to naturally produce heightened levels of agave sugars from which this aromatic and flavorful spirit is born.

This Reposado Tequila is aged exclusively in French oak for an added complexity that is rich, buttery and full of prominent agave character.

Aging: Twelve months old.

Body: medium-light bodied tequila, structured and harmonic.

Color: Crystalline amber fluid. Clear, luminous and light.

Aroma: Fruity notes, spices, cherry, pear, apple, citric flower, anise with
a touch of pepper and orange peel.

Taste: Sweet agave flavor, notably soft, fruit and flower notes, with
sweet spices and sensations related to coffee.

Alc./Vol.: 40% (80 proof)