Casa San Matias

Rey Sol Extra Añejo Tequila

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Rey Sol Extra Añejo Tequila undergoes careful aging for at least five years in the finest oak barrels. The mouth is light with a moderate amount of sweetness and flavors of vanilla and caramel. The finish is extraordinarily smooth.

This excellent Extra Añejo Tequila by Rey Sol is made using Casa San Matías own agave, which is grown and harvested in the red soil fields of the Highlands of Jalisco which are rich in iron and other minerals. The agaves are nurtured in ideal conditions so that they reach a superior flavor.

Appearance: Intense amber bright color with orange intense copper highlights.

Aroma: oak, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, roasted almonds, and dried fruit.

Palate: At the start of the mouth it is sweet and great bodied, where the oak notes are dominant. Delivers a long lasting end of chocolate and almond flavors.

Pairing: To be served in Riedel glass for fine dining. Pair it with medium-well red meats and as accompaniment to be enjoyed with dessert and coffee.

NOM: 1103