Russell's Reserve Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson C Whiskey

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Inspired by the unique conditions of the rickhouses at the Wild Turkey Distilling Co, the Russell Family proudly introduce the Single Rickhouse collection, featuring a limited release of liquid from a single rickhouse. This collection explores the often unsung contributions specific resting places have on a whiskey’s final character, celebrating varied nuances of whiskey aging across these different environments.

The inaugural release, Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse from Camp Nelson C is bottled from a small batch of just 72 barrels. Aged on the optimal center cut floors 3 and 4, bottled at 112.4 barrel proof, and non-chill filtered, this rich and decadent bourbon delivers a rich, unexpected blend of flavors that captures the essence and spirit of its roots. Camp Nelson C has since been dismantled – making this unique bottling truly one of a kind.

This is a limited release.

Color: Rich, dark amber

Aroma: Vanilla, caramel and cream that transition to fresh and dried fruit and then notes of brown sugar, oak and char.

Taste: Thick and rich introduction with notes of toffee, coconut and vanilla that transition to notes of apple, dried fruit, toasted pecan, chocolate and baking spices.

Finish: Long finish with silky mouthcoating that transitions to a pleasant balance of oak, baking spices and rich sweetness.