Stirrings Cosmopolitan Mix 750ml

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Stirrings Cosmopolitan Mix 750ml

Stirrings Cosmopolitan Mix is made with bright cranberry juice and Key limes in the perfect proportion. So delicious and easy to craft up, this Cosmopolitan Martini could quickly become the cocktail you're famous for – whether that's sipping, serving, or both!


Stirrings has been around since 1997, and over the past 20 years we’ve been the leader of the Mixer category. We’ve always used better ingredients like real fruit juice, pure cane sugar and no artificial preservatives in our mixers.  At Stirrings we truly believe that better ingredients craft better cocktails! You can feel confident serving Stirrings to guests at your home, or even behind a bar. It really does taste like you spent the afternoon creating homemade mixers. Shipped Free of Charge to Your Home or Business

Stirrings Cosmopolitan Mix Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Mix

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