Supremo Extra Añejo Tequila


SUPREMO Extra Añejo tequila has an elegant and well-balanced aromas with notes of oak, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, red berries and spices. Its well-balanced flavor between sweetness, acidity, wood, its soft sensation on the palate and its great persistence, undoubtedly leave an extraordinary finish in the mouth.

Aroma: Delicate aroma of agave cooked in balance with wood, vanilla, chocolate, spices and red berries.

Taste: Boiled agave interlaced with subtle wood is confirmed. It is creamy on the palate and very smooth when passing

Aging: 5 years

Color: Dark Amber

Type of Barrel: French oak

Class: Extra Añejo

Alc. Vol: 38% (76º Proof)

Purity: 100% Blue Agave

Product of Mexico