Teeling Single Pot Still Non Chill Filtered Irish Whiskey

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Discover an unconventional take on a classic Irish style of Whiskey. The first Whiskey to be distilled in Dublin in nearly 50 years, our Single Pot Still pays homage to a Dublin style made famous by the old, now closed, Dublin Whiskey Distilleries.

Teeling Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is crafted using a uniquely Irish mash bill consisting of 50% malted and 50% unmalted barley that has been triple distilled and matured in a combination of American Virgin Oak, Bourbon, and Sherry casks.

This is not how everyone makes Irish Whiskey – it’s the Teeling way. That’s the Spirit of Dublin.

Aroma: Notes of hibiscus flowers, honeycomb, white grape flesh, grapefruit and citrus.

Palate: hints of lychee, more white grape notes along with white pepper, warm, roasted peaches and baked biscuits.

Finish: Dry finish, with hints of spice, roasted almonds and maple sugar lingering in the mouth.

Alc. Vol: 46% ABV (92 Proof)