Tequila Ocho

Tequila Ocho Reposado

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Tequila Ocho Reposado is made with 100% blue agave, harvested only when overripe and distilled at La Alteña Distillery in the Highlands of Jalisco.

This expression is rested for 8 weeks and 8 days in ex-American whiskey barrels, just over the minimum amount of time as required by law, giving this Reposado a round, cooked-agave note.

Aroma: Cooked agave, Oak, Vanilla, Citrus, Black pepper, and Caramel, with hints of Cinnamon, minerals, and fruits/pineapple.

Flavor: Cooked agave, Black pepper, Vanilla, Caramel, Oak, Citrus, with hints of minerals and fruit.

Nom: 1474

Cooking: Stone/Brick Ovens.

Aging: American White Oak barrels, Whisky barrels.

Fermentation: 100% agave, Wood fermentation tanks, Open-air fermentation, Fermentation without fibers.

Extraction: Roller Mill

Distillation: 2x distilled

Still: Copper Pot

Alc. Vol: 40% ABV (80 Proof)