Tezon Blanco Tahona Tequila

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Exclusively Tahona handcrafted. In the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico's red volcanic soil provides the perfect environment for the very best blue agave.

After harvesting, our blue agave is gently cooked in mamposteria brick-ovens for 3 days. The temperature and cooking conditions are carefully regulated and again great skill is called for to get the very best of the agave pina.

The Tahona is the traditional wheel press. The Spirit of Tezon lies in its transformation from solid to liquid, via our unique handcrafted process. Here, the agave fibers and juices are distilled in small batch copper-pot stills, slowly creating Tezon from the heart of the agave, a truly amazing tequila. Once the distillation process is complete, Tezon is laid to slumber and age in white-oak casks.

40% Alc./vol.

Product of Mexico.