Three Chord

Three Chord Blended Bourbon Whiskey

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Three Chord Blended Bourbon Whiskey is Three Cords flagship small batch barrel proof bourbon. Bottled at an easy-drinking 81 proof, featuring up to 12 year old whiskeys from Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee to create a smooth, aromatic and versatile bourbon whiskey.

Three Cords secondary, controlled, wood-charring process reintroduces compounds to create its maple syrup, caramel, and vanilla character. Integrating the additional toasted White American Oak staves brings depth of flavor and a hint of smokiness. They bottle their 100% blended bourbon 250 gallons at a time for a consistent flavor profile and quality taste. 

Mash Bill: 73% Corn / 20% Rye / 7% Malted Barley. (Considered a medium-high rye bourbon)

Appearance: Clear, Dark Mahogany- Pretzel.

Aroma: Maple Syrup, Caramel and Vanilla.

Taste: Complex, grassy, slightly sweet with hints of spice that gives way to a light citrus fruit and a mild charred oak.

Finish: A refined and lingering, honeycomb finish, with a mild hug!

Alc. Vol: 40.5% (81º Proof).