Tierra Sagrada

Tierra Sagrada Añejo Tequila - Halloween Edition Ceramic Pumpkin Bottle

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Tierra Sagrada Añejo is made from 100% pure blue agave selected and harvested by expert hands. Tierra Sagrada Añejo has an intense woody aroma and sweet flavor that finishes with hints of toasted agave.

This new and limited release features an Añejo Tequila inside of a Halloween themed, handmade, ceramic bottle shaped as a pumpkin. This bottle is perfect for the upcoming holidays, including day of the dead!

These Ceramic Bottles are hand-made, so every single one is unique, and they may not exactly resemble the picture provided.

Aroma: Sweet woody smell with hints of toasted agave.

Flavor: Sweet, Hints of toasted agave.

Aging: 2 years.

Color: Intense golden tones.

Barrel: French oak barrel.

Class: Añejo.

Alc. Vol: 40% (80º Proof).

Purity: 100% blue agave.