Tierra Sagrada

Tierra Sagrada Plata 1.75L and Bandido De Amores Plata 1L Bundle

$109.99 $134.99
$109.99 $134.99you save $25.00

Introducing two products that you love bundled together at a discount. From the creator of Adictivo Tequila, this offering is a half-gallon bottle of Tierra Sagrada Plata and Bandido De Amores Plata 1 Liter at a steep discount compared to if you bought them separately. If you love Adictivo Tequila, you will love these two, created with love from the same maestro tequilero as Adictivo, Gildardo Partida.

Aroma: Agave.

Flavor: Herbal.

Aging: 3 weeks.

Color: Silver sparkles.

Alc. Vol: 40% (80º Proof).

Class: Blanco/Plata/Silver.

Purity: 100% Blue Agave.