Urzúa Double OG Jacquees Edition

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Urzúa Double OG Extra Añejo Jacquees special edition tequila. Every note in this tequila is pure, sublime, and has an exquisite essence that distinguishes it as true ultra premium tequila. This Double OG Extra Añejo is a Jacquees special edition bottle that truly sets it apart from other tequilas out there. This tequila is distilled at Casa Marengo in El Arenal, Jalisco, which is rated number 8 out of the top 105 distilleries, NOM: 1560.

Aroma: Notes of Chocolate, Vanilla, and Roasted coffee.

Body: Unctuous with long legs and great body.

Taste: Nuts with an emphasis on spices, Almond, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Hazelnut and notes of Toasted Oak, Cooked Agave, and soft on the palate.

Aging: 5 years in french white oak.

Color: Amber with copper nuances and bright intensity.

Type of Barrel: French White oak barrels.

Class: Extra Añejo.

Alc. Vol: 40% (80º Proof).

Purity: 100% Blue Agave.

NOM: 1560