Vago Mezcal Esamble Tio Rey

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Vago Mezcal Ensamble is Produced in small batches about once a year and are usually less than 300 liters. They are made by Salomón Rey Rodriguez (Tío Rey) in Sola de Vega, Oaxaca.

The palenque and agave fields of Salomón Rey Rodriguez or “Tío Rey” (Uncle Rey) are located in the famous mezcal region Sola de Vega.

The mezcaleros in this region distill mezcal almost exclusively using clay pots “Olla de Barro”. Tío Rey’s town of Gulerá is about 15 minutes up the valley and is part of the municipality Villas Sola de Vega. The lush mountain valley is a 2.5-hour drive from Oaxaca and sits at 1450 M above sea level. Tío Rey has a great supply of spring water that flows year round and contributes to the unique flavor of his mezcals. The mineral rich soil and relatively cooler climate make for a perfect spot for growing a variety of agaves.

Maestro Mezcalero: Salomon "Tio Rey" Rodriguez

Agave:  Americana, Angustifolia, Karwinskii, Marmorata, Potatorum, Rhodacantha.

Grind: Hand

Style: Ensamble

Distillation: Clay Pot

Alc. Vol: 50% (100º Proof).