WhistlePig 12 Year Whiskey Rye

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WhistlePig 12 Year Whiskey Rye is an 86-proof 12-year-old Rye Whiskey, which is the greater sum of three finishes, each with their own distinctive flavor profiles. After maturing for over a decade in New American Oak, spirit is divvied into one of three directions. Port pipes (7%), French Sauternes barrels (30%) and Madeira casks (63%) all play a part. Our Master Blender calls in these components around the quintessential boldness of American rye—just as a conductor arranges a symphony. An orchestra of flavor to dazzle the senses.

Flavor: Rye spice, apricots, plums, raisins, dates, and honey

Aroma: Caramel, vanilla, and winter fruit

Finish: Long finish; warm butterscotch and caramel.

Alc. Vol: 43% (86º Proof)