Wild Common

Wild Common Ensamble Mezcal Artesanal

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Wild Common Ensamble Mezcal Artesanal is a bright and clean tequila packed with flavors of agave sweetness laced with anise, citrus and minerals. It is produced from 100% blue weber agave and verified additive-free.

Maestro Mezcalero Joel Velasco has hand-selected mature espadin and tobala agave from his community in San Luis Del Rio, Oaxaca and masterfully blended them to produce an honest expression of terroir. The base of espadin brings an initial clean mouthfeel of green citrus, fresh herbs, and a hint of coconut.

The tobala follows up with a warm butter flavor, floral notes, and is gentle and sweet on the finish. Approachable but wonderfully complex, this mezcal flexes its versatility while honoring artesanal traditions.

Maestro Mezcalero: Joel Velasco.

Roasted: Earthern Pit.

Class: Joven

Extraction: Traditional Stone Tahona.

Fermentation: Natural, Open-air in Pine Vats.

Distillation: 2X in Small Stainless and Copper Pot Stills.

NOM: O363X

Alc. Vol: 46% (92º Proof).