Xdar Vodka 750ml

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Xdar Vodka 750ml

Xdar symbolizes and maintains such age-old values as family, friends, relatives and national traditions. Xdar Vodka is created according to the classic technology of blending the finest alcohol and artesian water. Xdar Vodka is created natural ingredients and according to the unique technology. Xdar Vodka is a chameleon and blends seamlessly with just about anything. 

Tasting notes:

Clean and breezy, characterized by wet sand and some floral notes. Xdar vodka is Smooth, but not viscous, the taut mouthfeel is balanced by intriguing finishing notes.

This award-winning Vodka is made from natural ingredients after a traditional Ukrainian recipe. While it's super versatile, it's not completely neutral with clean and breezy flavors of sugar cotton candy on the palate.